Fungal nails can be unsightly and whilst the fungal infection itself is not generally harmful it can cause thickened, crumbly nails which can be uncomfortable.  Fungal nail infections can also cause a slightly increased risk of secondary infections.

To confirm the presence of a fungal infection, a test can be carried out in clinic and the results are available after only 5 minutes. The test is a bit similar to a pregnancy test (a small amount of infected nail is added to a solution and a test strip is dipped into this solution) and is accurate in around 97% of cases where there is a fungal infection.

Following the results a plan can then be made with regard to treatment options. There are a number of different treatment options open for the treatment of fungal nails including oral medication (prescribed by a GP following a letter from Rebecca to confirm the infection), nail fenestration (where a series of small holes are carefully drilled into the nail plate to allow antifungal medication to treat the nail bed) or by use of a nail laquer to treat very superficial fungal infections.

It is worth noting that no fungal nail treatment can ever be 100% guaranteed to work with every patient and the best outcomes will be seen where patients commit to and follow the advice provided carefully. This will be discussed during your consultation.

Testing £50 (including results letter sent to GP)

Nail Fenestration starts at £45 (including medicament for treatment) for intial treatment.

Treatment packages by arrangement with Rebecca.