I’m fed up of it!! Are you? I’m missing my clinic and my patients and being able to get on with stuff (with out my kids swinging from my arm and demanding their 49th snack since breakfast).

As I’m sure it has been for all you guys, it’s all been a bit ground-hog day ish but the light is there at the end of the tunnel. Distant though it may still seem.

I am governed by a body called the College of Podiatry and they have now given out further advice now that lock down in starting to decrease slightly. Please understand this is not (yet) business as usual. I am now allowed to see a wider range of patients who are at risk because of their foot health or as a result of their general health. I will also continue to see people who are having foot emergencies as I have throughout the lockdown.

I am not yet allowed to see patients for routine care where no other risk exists. This is coming. We’re just not quite there yet. It’s really important while the country is still getting to grips with this pesky virus that we play it canny.

I will be phoning my patients from the past weeks that have been cancelled and having a chat to see what the plan is going forward. If you are having problems then lift the phone, send a message/email/carrier pigeon and we can have a chat sooner.

In the meantime the clinic is getting a deep clean (not that it’s not always clean!) and I am prepping for re-opening. Things are going to run a bit differently for a while yet. Extra measures have to be in place for everyone’s safety such as a mobile sneeze screen between us during treatments, time between appointments for extra cleaning and as much as possible I will be getting the door for you on the way in and out.

Home visits will also be starting back and again there will be changes in how I have to approach things. I’ll be coming in with my facemask, visor and apron on. It makes me feel like an extra from a Hollywood disaster movie and I’m sure will be deeply unpleasant in the middle of summer or when it’s raining. However… needs must and it’s all about keeping us all safe.

Obviously if you or any of your household are having symptoms then you must stay home and follow the advice. 

So. There we go. A wee update on how things are going and how we all get to move forward.